Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pumpkin Tarts

It is my privelege to make dessert for all of the families who come to the restaurant to celebrate Thanksgiving. It is also my privelege to make 250 Pumpkin Tarts. So I am taking this opportunity to try out the recipe and make sure that when I mix together 39 eggs, 10 pounds of sugar, 3 giant cans of pumpkin puree and 2 giant cans of evaporated milk that I know what the end product is going to be and how to bake it. So I put together my tart shells, which are just a simple sugar dough and filled them with pumpkin pie batter. I used the recipe from the back of the can of puree, which I feel is the best to use because that recipe has been tested and re-tested before it was put on the can. Much like the recipes I test before I give them to the cooks at each restaurat to prepare on a daily basis. Next, I filled two tarts all the way up to the top, and another two 3/4 full. I baked them and removed them at different times to see what would happen if some were over baked or just under baked or baked to where I think they would be perfectly done.

This is how I develop recipes for the restaurant. Everything I make is done on a small scale and then I tweak and fine tune it in a larger batch. I dont usually make so much because I like to keep everything as fresh as possible and made delicately. But this Thursday, we will all be making lots of food in the restaurant. Once the tarts had set up in the refrigerator, I took them out and tasted them. This is my favorite part. Since I labeled how each tart was baked I could determine which method would be the best to use when I make the 250 tarts. I think these will look lovely, served with spiced whipped cream, going out to all of the families who are celebrating this holiday of thanks at our restaurant.

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