Monday, September 13, 2010

Pizza and Beer

When I was a kid, my mom always said that fresh fruit was the best dessert. I thought she was ridiculous because obviously chocolate pudding or ice cream is the best dessert. But now, If I see a fresh fruit dish on a menu, I am very excited to order it especially if it is lightly dressed with a flavor I am not used to. In this dish, I wanted to take something you normally would think of as savory and blow your mind with a creative twist on it. Pizza and beer without the greasy slice or a pitcher-just fresh fruit and a citrusy white beer with ice cream.

The thin slices of peach are tossed with lemon juice, honey, sugar and lemon thyme and put on a pizza crust with mascarpone cheese flavored intensely with vanilla and lemon zest. Lemon thyme is a lovely fresh herb that has a sweet flavor. It is a really great alternative to a sprig of mint.

Hoegaarden, a Belgian white beer that is nice and crisp and has the flavor of citrus is made into a float with honey vanilla ice cream.

Pizza with peaches and raspberries. Beer with ice cream. Delicious.

The "recipe" for this dish, which is more of an explanation rather than a recipe will be published in the Metro Silicon Valley Newspaper on 10/6. I will post the link when it runs. This is the first recipe I have ever had published so needless to say, I am pretty excited.