Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Thoughts on Cupcakes

I like cupcakes. Who doesn't? And if there is anything I want to accomplish through this blog it's to blow your mind with flavor combinations that you just wouldn't normally think about. You all seem to like it too...since the Cherry and Plum Crostini with Olive Oil Ice Cream was posted, it has remained the top viewed on OriginalCinn each week. So let's see what else I can throw at you!

I have always loved using spices in my cupcakes. Gentle and subtle, warm and spicy, sweet and savory flavors are what make a cupcake stand out from all the other regular flavors. Please don't misunderstand. I love a good yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting as much as anyone else! And honestly, Give me a batch of 'Funfetti' any day and I am a happy girl. But when I want something different, something that I can't even find a recipe for online I know it will be something spectacular.

My idea for Banana Curry Cupcakes came from cleaning out my spice cupboard. I tossed out last year's cardamom and ground ginger and I came across my small tin of Madras Curry Powder. I opened it up and the aroma, combined with all the other spices I generally bake with gave me a beautiful idea...Curry Buttercream. It lends itself well to the creaminess of, "Mariel's Best Buttercream" and it already has a sweetness to it, so Im going to try it! Along with a banana cupcake.

This is the first post I have done before I make something, so Im already kind of setting myself up for a little embarassment if it doesn't turn out, well, spectacular. But hey, we all make something every once in a while that we really wish we hadn't, right? For the sake of innovation, creativity and um,getting some more use out of that curry powder, let's do this!!

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