Thursday, March 15, 2012

Colleged Ruled Musings

I am a copious note taker.

This comes from working in restaurants. If you didn’t want to get your head chewed off for forgetting something, you wrote it down. I also wrote down other things like simple kitchen math (1oz=28.35grams), slightly more difficult kitchen math and the formula and method for carrot cake. I drew pictures of plated desserts, pictures of how my low-boys need to be organized and pictures of my chefs on fire and so on.

This is when I fell in love with a perfectly sized, spiral bound, 9.5”X6”, college ruled notebook that Mead no longer makes. I have four of these. They tell my story, all the things I learned and everywhere I have been; every dessert I have made or ever wanted to make have been recorded and is in these books. I have a notebook that has all the notes I took while working for Metro, all the planning that went into my first OriginalCinn event, cakes I’ve designed, food I’ve eaten, my entire life in food since I began studying it is documented and smudged with chocolate and I carry one with me at all times.

Today at 9:38am, I wrote that I wanted to make honey ice cream.
To go with that honey ice cream, I thought of a few things I could make:
Seasonally, I could make a kumquat tea cake with rosemary sugar and a citrus salad…
Or because I know of a particular brand of local chocolate that would taste really good with citrus, a chocolate lava cake with vanilla scented mandarins and blood orange with a drizzle of olive oil….
OR fried cream puffs filled with ricotta and mascarpone, flavored with vanilla bean and lemon zest…ooh and served with spiced wine and blueberry sauce.

I think in dessert, then I write it down.

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  1. I nt to think in dessert.... It sounds like a wonderful way to escape my reality..


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