Monday, March 5, 2012

S'mores Tart

 I never went camping.
I mean actual, in the wilderness camping. As a Campfire Girl, the closest I ever got to a real campfire was a small tabletop barbeque set up in the backyard next to a tent. A sad, sad simulation of real camping. I did, for a few summers go to a motor home camp site where we did set up tents and sleep out of doors in the "woods" but then we woke up, to immediately jump into the heated pool.
Yeah, my childhood did lack the genuine camping experience but it did not lack The S'more.
Gooey, melty, chocolate crunchy goodness that got all over my face and my fingers. Best when the mallow lit on fire and it was completely charred before it went sandwiched in between grahams and a square of chocolate. It was my first experience with caramelized sugar and it was the greatest thing ever invented.
Hey, remember that scene...of course you the Sandlot, how hil-ar-ious it was when Smalls didn't know what a S'more was? I was about 10 and already the thought that he had never, ever experienced the pure joy that is the S'more blew my mind. Ha! Good stuff.

This tart, like most everything else on this blog came from really craving the flavors of a Smor'e. So lets break this down:
     The Graham-Honey, cinnamon, and a deep toasted flavor of graham flour. 
     The 'Mallow-Sugar, pillowy fluff and that charred caramelized 'mallow flavor.
     The Chocolate-Really, all there needs to be is any kind of chocolate.
These are the fundamentals of the S'more, right? Yes but if you want a deep flavor, layered and saturated with the essence of the iconic childhood dessert, listen to what I did....

The graham cracker crust was flavored with cinnamon, vanilla bean and a touch of salt. The soft ganache, to mimic the melty-oozy chocolate was made with cream, honey and a mixture of 41% chocolate and 65% chocolate. The marshmallows, I purchased at Whole Foods but are a natural vanilla bean marshmallow that I torched to caramelize it's soft exterior.
What I ended up with was a really rich, flavorful dessert that could only be brought up right and posh, served with a port wine.


  1. The best part of this dessert is the chocolate filling. Being a chocoholic I have respect for this dessert and will definitely have it again and again and again!!! Definitely worth a try for yourself.

  2. You clearly have a kitchen blowtorch. Jealous.


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