Thursday, September 13, 2012

OriginalCinn Favorites Class- Oct. 1, 2012

I remember one show, a long time ago, before the food network gave birth to another cooking channel, there was a show...a show that gave me science, gave me technique. I was taught even before I went to culinary school how to fill a pastry bag properly because it was an important step in pastry, therefore an important topic to discuss on said cooking show.
My very first chef told me, "How you fill a pastry bag shows your character." An over-filled, messy bag is never going to get you a nice rosette; its rude and difficult. A clean pastry bag is calm and managable and durable. Filling a pastry bag is a technique as is piping a pretty rosette and if you are looking at the television set wondering, "How the F do I make my cream puffs perfect little balls of piped love?"
ditch the TV and come take my class.

This is the OriginalCinn Favorites Class.
Brown Butter Blondies with Bacon-y Chocolate Sauce and Pumpkin Cream Puffs with Caramel Sauce. 5 Techniques, 2 and a half hours with Me, your chef-instructor, Mariel Balderas. Plus, I serve wine so you'd better believe this is gonna be fun and not lame.
To reserve a space, send me an email at I will send you a PayPal confirmation and your space is set! Or you can sign up right now, securely. There are 10 spots open for the class.

OriginalCinn Favorites Class-$65 THIS CLASS IS FULL. Please send me an email if you would be interested in this class if it was on another day. Thanks for the love. Or go to the Class Schedule Page to see when the next class will be held. UPDATE: The next class is Nov 17th, 2012 at 7pm at Whole Foods-Cupertino




  1. Loved your class. Please schedule more! I appreciate you sharing your talents with me and others.

  2. Mariel

    Need your email address the one I used not working... sorry & thanks!

    Mike The Insurance Guy


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