Monday, June 17, 2013

Camp Blogaway

Going to Camp Blogaway really made me realize that being a blogger, no matter how strong my numbers are or how many followers I have on Twitter (@TheOriginalCinn) makes me a member of an incredibly talented, super food-serious community who tell stories and share recipes for the same exact reason that I do...because we love it.

Let me share with you the Camp Blogaway weekend from the perspective of the first time camper. This was not only my first Camp B. but it was also my first bloggers conference ever.

At first I was a little nervous about having a carpool buddy. I thought I would be a little more at ease without one. But then I connected with Alisa from and she was so great to drive with; great conversation, super-sweet person and very down to earth. I couldn't have asked for a better carpool friend.

Upon arriving, my "meeting new people all at once freaks me the f out" complex came around and I just wanted to turn right around and fly back home. I had to tell myself to suck it up and get in there and  schmooooze, which as it turns out is not so bad. Everyone was really, really nice. I mean, so sweet to me.

Really talented folks....
Stephanie at Girl vs Dough, Sarah at Lettuce Eat Kale, Jennifer at Savory Simple,
Stephanie at 52 Kitchen Adventures, Daisy at Daisy's World and Kelly at Sinful Shenanigans

I met people who were really knowledgeable about the world of blogging and photography who were really eager to share their experiences with publishing, branding, PR-ing and social media. Quickly I realized that I am quite a novice to all of these things and what I learned from my interactions with everyone is that no one will know how great you are until you tell them and no one will value YOU unless you value yourself. Everyone has their path and like any chef, you make a meal with what you have, not with what you wish you had. OriginalCinn is what I make of it and understanding that was so important coming home from Camp Blogaway.

Lessons learned:
1. I am not suited for sleeping in cabins.
2. Vodka WILL hit you hard at high elevations.
3. Teresa can actually Feed Herself when I'm Not Home!

Thanks to Patti at Worth the Whisk...this lady knows how to put on an event!


  1. Mari, it was really nice to meet you at camp. You were so sweet to come and introduce yourself and join in the conversation. I really enjoyed talking to you about our camp experience. I hope we run into each other again at a conference. In the meantime, I'll be visiting your blog often.


    1. Me too! I look forward to seeing you at another conference, Daisy. It seems like it would be fun to know at least one other person at a conference! Your blog is beautiful, by the way. I've really enjoyed it.

  2. It was great meeting you! I definitely learned 1 and 2 the hard way :)

    1. Great meeting you too! I really didn't believe Patty when she said it, but I was caught kinda, really buzzed from that vodka!


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