Monday, July 8, 2013

What I Like to Eat

One of the best compliments I have ever received as a chef was from another chef-a particularly douchy chef, probably the douchiest chef I ever worked with. But he was brilliant and very much affirmed my culinary style and philosophy of food. 
I'll never forget, one super-busy night, we were cooking side by side and he had me taste something. I picked out a particular flavor from the sample and he looked at me with a very, "this kid can play some ball" kind of look, and told me, "Hey, chef. You have an good palate, good job!"
Firstly, that was the first time he called me chef. Next, for a man who takes very fresh ingredients and manipulates them until they taste like the best version of itself, that was quite the compliment. 

Seeing as how I decided to order a wedding gown that was half a size too small, I have thought a lot about what I like to eat lately. Apparently its a common thing to do, a lot of brides to such things and with gowns that are way more than half a size to small. But I digress. Knowing that I will need to shed a few (wink wink) pounds before our wedding day, I have never before craved such terrible, terrible foods than I have in the last week or so.

There was the day that I felt like I couldn't breathe if I couldn't have a chili cheese dog. Then there was the time I wanted to eat a good amount of zucchini which sounds alright, but I wanted to bread it and deep fry it first. Then, today...oh today. Today I wanted to make brown butter ice cream and sandwich it between some chocolate souffle cookies. But I did not. I had a nectarine instead and then did some yoga. Its alright. I don't really eat chili cheese dogs and I can't remember the last time I made fried zucchini, but knowing I cant have them makes me want them all the time.

I'd like to close this post with something cheesy. Something we ate at our wedding venue when we went to make sure it was THE place. Now, I'm a sucker for cheese, so forgive me when I say that the second most beautiful thing at my table was this piece of cheese; melted on a block of cedar and served with fresh figs, local honey and pistachios. 

This is what I like to eat: things that when paired with simple ingredients make them taste like the most incredible version of itself.

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