Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project: Wedding Cakes

I'm trying to build up my wedding cake portfolio. It is slightly difficult when you really don't have anything to show a client but you're telling them for sure you can make a cake for them.
Please understand my hesitation. I have heard so many horror stories about wedding cakes and the people who say, "Oh yeah, don't worry, I will make you the most beautiful cake!" Then come wedding day, it flops over, it melts, it is lop-sided or just plain ugly. I absolutely do not want to make one of those cakes.
Those who know me, know my career has been based in restaurants and menu/recipe development. As I am looking at OriginalCinn, the business, it is important for me to develop my range of skills and one of those skills is wedding cakes. Any small cake, I can make, no problem but creating what is essentially a centerpiece of a wedding, is a lot of pressure. It has to be properly supported, the cake and the filling have to work together to be a part of that support and in the end it has to be absolutely beautiful. I have designed a wedding cake, orangey-pink with little birds, branches and some leaves. But, uh, if I really want to practice making this cake, well I need to bake, frost and decorate actual cake.
This cake was made at work. All three layers are expired cake from three different days (don't worry, no one ate it) and I wanted to practice stacking, and decorating something simple. I paid $.75 for the whole thing, so it wasn't too much of an issue for me to throw it away after it had sat out all night because I wanted to see how long it would stand.
So before I set out to make this cake that I have dreamed up in my head, I want to ask, what is your favorite cake flavor? Or what flavor of cake did you have at your wedding? Did you have a cake at your wedding? Is there a story to go with it?
Leave a comment and send me your story...I'd love to hear it!


  1. We eloped, so no wedding cake on the day of, but we were treated to some wonderful cream puffs at Top of Waikiki (our wedding dinner spot). About a month after we got home we had a bbq party at the park to be able to celebrate with family. Jacob's aunt made the cake for us. I loved it (she makes good cake always), but it was not what I would have asked for if I was paying someone. It was heart shaped (a little too cutesy for me) and a basic white cake with a strawberry/whipped cream filling and whipped cream frosting. I did like the decorative detailing she put on the side. Overall it was beautiful. It was a success in that it didn't fall, melt, slide or any other disastrous thing. If I were to do it again I would have had a simple round cake, and no topper (but she did paint the groom so he looked hispanic ;) ). Lemon is my very favorite cake and I absolutely would have requested that and a butter cream over the whipped cream for frosting. I tagged you in a FB pic of it.

  2. Your cake looked lovely! Its kind of hard to see a heart shaped cake in pictures because youre looking at it from the side and not from up top to get the full effect. I saw the picture before I read your post and thought, "is that a hispanic groom?!". Now I want a strawberry whipped cream cake. Thanks for the comment, Elizabeth!!

  3. We had some pretty specific requirements for our wedding. First - it wasn't a formal affair, so we wanted something fun. Second, I'm vegan and wanted a cake I could eat. Third, I'm English and wanted a traditional English wedding cake.

    The third part was easy - a traditional English wedding cake is a heavy, dense fruit cake that my mum makes every Christmas. It's pretty solid and won't fall or melt or sink. Its covered with marzipan and iced. My mum's friend used to professionaly decorate cakes, so my mum baked the cake, and her friend iced it. Only one tier of the cake was actual cake. The top tier was an iced cookie tin!

    The main problems with fruit cake are that it's not vegan...and that it really doesn't appeal to American taste buds. (Did you try any?)

    So, seeing as how we also wanted something fun, we enlisted a very talented person (Mariel!) to make three different cupcake flavours for us. For me, Mariel developed a vegan lemon coconut cupcake...which everyone loved. Esteban wanted a burnt almond flavor cupcake, and then we also did a chocolate flavour as that seemed like it would be a popular flavor. I think they all turned out great and all the feedback I got was completely positive. I wouldn't change a thing about it.

    I always say my favourite flavor is chocolate, but I'm often proved wrong in experience. I loved the lemon coconut...and you were also totally right about that crumb doughnut at Whole Foods too. I've had the chocolate glazed since - and the crumb is way better!

    Thanks Mariel!

  4. I didn't get to taste the fruit cake. After, everything was set up and people began eating sweets, I meandered over but didn't stay too long because I got nervous. :)
    I had a lot of fun creating those flavors for you. San Jose has such a history with burnt almond so I tried to make something like it but all OriginalCinn.
    Thank you so much for this comment, Claire. I am so glad you loved your cupcakes.
    Can't wait to make some for your baby girl! Congratulations!

  5. Hi Mariel- Beautiful cake! I like the bold contrast and the totally cute flowers that lighten it up. And for 75 cents! You've got Sandra Lee beat hands down! Lol!
    At our wedding we opted out of having a traditional cake and had fruit tarts instead and I'm so glad we did. Several years back my bosses, Dr. Gong-Guy and Dr. Wu invited the kids and I to Thanksgiving dinner at their place. Their mom who lives in Montery brought a couple of pies from a place called, Paris Bakery. I loved the pecan pie and of course I went racing to find the bakery in Montery. Paris Bakery then became a mini get away spot for Alex and I and our favorite became the fruit tarts. Since we were on a tight budget and our wedding was in Carmel it seemed only fitting to share a piece of what we'd come to love with all of our loved ones. We made an arrangement with 8 large tarts. They were bright, beautiful, glossy, freshly made that morning and oh so good! Lots of people asked for seconds and where we got them. I wish I could attach a picture to show you some how. I'll try emailing it to you. Oh and the best part is we can still enjoy the same tarts whenever we're in the area and have a piece of our wedding experience all over again!

  6. That is a really cute story, Maggie. I remember seeing the pictures of glossy tarts and thought, "what a beautiful idea!" Nix the cake, go for fruit tarts! Love it. And I especially love that there is still a little piece of your wedding you can have whenever you're in town. Thanks for sharing, Maggie.

  7. Your craft with making beautifully designed and delicious cakes is so impressive. I love chocolate cakes but I think a vanilla cake or anything that's bright colored would look better on weddings. I say so because I work in some wedding venues in Long Island and most of the cakes are either white or anything light colored. As for me, I think I'll opt for a chocolate cake come my wedding day.


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