Tuesday, October 23, 2012

To Bake IS to Breathe-Teaching Macaron Classes with Love

I would love to teach you how to make beautiful French macarons in your home. This class is a privately held class for up to 4 people in your home or just for yourself if you prefer. This way you can know how to create these delightful cookies in your own oven.

 Maggie and her husband Alex were my first clients and they were so super cute making their batch of macarons together. They came up with a great flavor combination-maple macarons with salted caramel buttercream. She had made the caramel after attending my first OriginalCinn Class and it was perfect!

This class is $120 for 3 hours of instruction in your home, ingredients to make 2 batches of macarons, one demonstration and one guided batch, a variety of colors, flavorings and the confidence to make them even after I leave. Make it a party! Invite 2 others to learn with you. Send me an email at
mariel@originalcinndesserts(dot)com to set up a private lesson in your home or for a large group in a kitchen classroom-totally perfect for bachelorette parties! Anywhere in the South Bay Area, and San Francisco!

Maggie and Alex's Macaron Class

                                                                OriginalCinn Favorites Class
                                                       Oct. 1, 2012


  1. I can't tell you how much I appreciate Mariel putting together these cooking classes. I know it takes a lot of planning and hard work to organize and she does such a wonderful job. I've been able to see step by step every detail in making, Brown Butter Blondies, Pumpkin Filled Cream Puffs, Salted Carmel syrup, Bacony Chocolate sauce, Fancy French Macaroons, and butter cream filling. And I've learned SO MANY techniques I can use in other recipes too like, browning butter, piping fillings and creams, making meringue, using a kitchen scale, making sauces, the basics of trial and error when using my own oven at home and etc. I've always enjoyed being in the kitchen but many times lacked the confidence to attack a new recipe. After taking Mariel's classes I can't tell you how much I've improved in so many ways. I'm not scared to try anything. Even if I lack some equipment needed to make the job easier it's okay I'll make it work! Mariel's taught me not only how to cook but that I can! Whenever I see a really cool picture of something yummy and I read the recipe I tell myself "Just Do It!" Just like Nike, LOL funny I know. I can hardly wait for the next class. Totally worth the investment!!!

    1. Maggie,This is such a beautiful comment! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this and for taking my classes. Comments like these do make all of the hard work completely worth it and I love the emails you send with photos of the treats you make too.


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